Astrology is the study of human behaviour and experience on the back drop of time and space. Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of the heavenly bodies(planets and stars). The heavenly bodies determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics are mapped in the form of a horoscope.

Daily horoscopes written byglobally syndicated astrologer, Elizabeth Ellis. This site is one of the most straightforward horoscopes site to navigate, with not too much advertising.The daily horoscopes are easy to read and concise which are great for all’ time poor’ addicts. Also provides monthly horoscopes and interesting sexual compatibility.

Daily horoscopes from Astrological Counsellor, Wendy Guy. Wendy provides both a daily overview or each sun sign as well as a specific daily birth date horoscope. Comprehensive lunar forecasts are also provided to give both types of daily scopes context. In addition you will find plenty of hot topic articles and a full astrology dictionary for reference. Some advertising but doesn’t detract from the enormous amount of content.

Daily horoscopes, both Western and Chinese by Brandi Jasmine. Each sign has a detailed description of character traits as well… check out both and cross-reference. Brandi also provides and informative and interesting sun sign compatibility page with a chart. This might be interesting for those that have read the ‘Same Sun Sign Compatibility’ thread in our forums.

Daily horoscopes, both sun sign and personal by Adza Mixxe. The personal birthdate daily horoscopes are broader and contain moon and planet transits for today, yesterday and tomorrow. Claims to be more entertaining and enlightening! Does have a popup on entry

A nicely designed site with simple daily horoscopes and online oracles. Claims to be the first multilingual psychic web site.

General daily horoscopes, but the best feature of this site is the ‘Fragrance by the Zodiac’ – find your star sign and identify the perfume best suited to you. Loads of other tools for all your daily predictions but there are better daily horoscopes around.
A daily transit forecast based on the Sun’s exact position in the zodiac on your birthday,you must put in your day and birth month to get an individualized daily horoscope. Concise but good!

ShelleyvonStrunckel.comA well known astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel, provides daily horoscopes in a simple format that allows you to view all of her other horoscopes in the same pane. A good format, easy to follow and best of all good horoscopes.

Daily horoscopes from astrologer Terry Nazon. Her free daily horoscopes are brief, but if you venture into the monthly outlooks the horoscopes become more detailed and interesting. Also many other freebies here.

A packed site with daily horoscopes and daily love horoscopes (+ much more) by Nick Syminghton. A great service is provided by Nick that allows access to much more detailed reports with free sign up.

Goddess Flight shares free daily horoscopes based on the zodiac sun signs. Each daily horoscope is fun and insightful, but these daily horoscopes are based only on your sun sign. Also love horoscopes and sun sign analysis.

Heaps of free horoscope choices including your personal daily horoscope for each day, by Robert Hand. You need to enter your birthdate to view info. Once logged in the site makes it easy for you to get your personal scopes.

Daily horoscopes for each zodiac sign by Alison Moroney. These are concise but the site does have an eclectic mix of other pieces of information available.

‘The Future of Astrology” Daily horoscopes by Rick Levine. This site is packed with info, sometimes not knowing where to start! However, the best place to start is the daily horoscopes 🙂

Daily horoscopes in a monthly format. A good idea for layout and it puts each day in context with the next – I like this idea. All planet and moon data updated monthly.

Not the most comprehensive daily horoscopes however, if you click on for more information about the sign you get oodles and oodles of free info. Other horoscopes also available by Michael Thiessen

Daily horoscopes by Rob Tillet. Set out in a monthly horoscope format. Easy to read. This site is run by a group of astrologers and has an enormous amount of free information in the Star Guide, you could spend some time at this site.

Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Love Horoscopes by Jeff Prince plus Free Personal Astrology Reports that include a Birth Chart Analysis and a Personality Profile. Updated every Monday. A nice, clean site that is easy to navigate.

An Indian numerologist, astrologer and palmist supplies his daily horoscopes as well as numerology and birthday forecasts. A few flashing lights here, but loads of Indian horoscopes available.

Well presented, finely tuned site with daily horoscopes from Dadhichi. Australian based. Free birthday profiles and more. They have accumulated lots of ads, but still good free stuff.

Kelli Fox Astrology – daily horoscopes. One of the big players in the horoscope market. A fun site with horoscope snippets everywhere.

Daily horoscope based on time and place of birth, many other paid reports available, most daily horoscopes are a teaser for you to buy the paid reports. Nice visual site